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Decoria Blinds has achieved a constant growth in product sales and customer loyalty by providing only high quality and innovative products designed for both individual and commercial markets. Providing competitive, affordable, and top quality products is what the reputation at Decoria Blinds has been built from.

Seeking to meet the ever changing demands of the market, Decoria Blinds are always checked throughout the stages of production to ensure a high level of quality. We take pride in our business and every client is important to us. We will take the extra mile to make sure you are completely satisfied with your window treatments.

What we offer:

  • Made-to-measure blinds
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Combi Blinds

Combi blinds are new concept blinds that can control the amount of light and field of vision to your satisfaction. They are built on a double structure where the colored fabric and sheer fabric cross to offer the flexibility that is the combi blind. Due to the fabrics being on a single roller, dust collection is a thing of the past and ranks number #1 in the low maintenance department! Combi Blinds are now high in demand and because of this reason, we carry tons of styles and shades to fit your unique taste. The simple design makes it possible to harmonize with any interior.

Triple Shade

Triple shade blinds are made of one colored fabric enclosed with two layers of sheer fabric. It is a product made of triple-layered fabrics that can be adjusted step by step to allow delicate light control. To sum this product up in a couple of words, simple functionality meets modern elegance.

Roll Screen

Roll blinds are a shade product that can be rolled up and down to your desire with a single fabric connected to a roller. Practicality plays a role due to how little volume it holds. These blinds are sought out mostly for offices, cafes, restaurants, beauty salons, and many more. Our roll blinds come in various shades and designs to suit your space, whether they be commercial or residential.


Lohas blinds are developed by merely combining the functionality of vertical blinds and curtain-like visuals. Lohas blinds combine colored fabrics with thin mesh fabrics to create a luxurious curtain-esque feel that breathes new life to the category of vertical blinds. It is sure to be an eye-catcher in your space!

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are one of the original window treatment styles for both residential and commercial spaces. They serve as a functional way to control light and privacy yet still offer a decorative look to please the audience. Vertical blinds are a popular choice for sliding doors / patio doors and large windows.

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